In January I received this note from the Investigation Discovery Channel:  ID

Ms. Drews: The crime show that I work on produces a series for Investigation Discovery. For our show, I have been thoroughly researching Pamela Bulik’s murder and I have read your book “Run at Destruction” in its entirety. After researching, this is a case that I am definitely interested in pursuing.

I know that this case is pretty old, but it doesn’t take away from the complexity and depth of the story. I really think it fits the parameters of our show (which are very specific). I know you were great friends with Pamela and you’ve done more than your due diligence when it comes to research on the case, so I would be more than happy to speak with you about it. I’d also like to speak to you about the possibility of you being interviewed on our show.

Pam Metzger Bulik Engagement Photo to Bob Bulik

Pam Metzger Bulik Engagement Photo to Bob Bulik

All of the episodes we feature are a half an hour and they tell the true story of a real-life couple who has a seemingly great marriage from the outside, but as time goes on, things begin to fall apart. Eventually a third person is introduced into the mix through an affair. We then tell how things turn sour and in the end, someone always ends up murdered. We realize the nature of our show can be touchy to some, so we are extremely careful and sensitive when it comes to the way the victim is portrayed. We always shine great light on the great person the victim was (because in most all cases, it is the truth) and we never speak with or interview any of the people associated with the perpetrator’s side.

All of that said, I just submitted my write-up of this case to the Discovery network for review and it has gotten the green light…
Well, in March the team from Investigation Discovery showed up to interview four of the principals on Pam Bulik’s case: myself, the former District Attorney (Royce Finne), the former head detective (Jim Taylor), and a former newspaper reporter (Mike Dauplaise).  I was interviewed for five hours for the show. Even though it was a frosty day in Green Bay, I was asked to turn the heat off in my house so it didn’t interfere with the sound system. I kept shivering, so I finally covered up with a throw. That worked since only my headshot is used in the TV show.
Interview for Investigative Discovery Show - Deadly Affairs

Interview for Investigative Discovery Show – Deadly Affairs

Right now the show is scheduled to air on September 9, 2013 on the Deadly Affairs show on Investigation Discovery Channel – in Green Bay that is Time Warner Channel 139. The Narrator is none other than Susan Lucci – the former soap star from All My Children. If you haven’t read my book it is now only $2.99 on Kindle:

Susan Lucci - Narrator for Run at Destruction Segment to air 9/09/13 on Investigation Discovery Channel.

Susan Lucci – Narrator for Run at Destruction Segment to air 9/09/13 on Investigation Discovery Channel.

I guess there are lots of “formers” that will be on this show to honor Pam. I couldn’t help but tear up as I was interviewed and was asked what made Pam special. There were too many things: her warmth, her smile, her “Hey Girl” whenever we would meet…