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It has been five years since my first book, RUN AT DESTRUCTION, was released. It was a very personal story about my best friend’s death and the subsequent trial of her husband. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write another book once I finished it. Where would I come up with the creativity to develop something from scratch? Initially I thought about writing another True Crime Story. I began to research a case up in Land of Lakes, Wisconsin, but my heart wasn’t into it. So… I decided to tackle fiction. The outcome is CIRCLE OF INNOCENCE (Amazon link B&N link). Like my first book, the setting is very familiar to me. It takes place in Door County, Wisconsin where my husband and I spend nearly every weekend. Of course it had to be a mystery.

To place it on the shelves of our local B&N, I knew I’d have to find a standard publisher rather than self-publish. About a year ago Whiskey Creek Press offered me a contract, and I was on my way! Next came the editing, the cover art, and the endorsements.

For my first book, I was able to secure one from Ann Rule, the bestselling True Crime author. Another bestselling author, Brian Freeman, wrote a book called BONE HOUSE. Its setting is also Door County. I located his email and decided to write him. About a month later I was thrilled to get this response:

“Hi Lynda, Congratulations on your new book… Door County is one of my very favorite destinations. You can certainly send me an advance copy of Circle of Innocence.  I can’t offer any guarantees, of course, but I’ll take a look. ”  Well, another month passed and I was getting nervous. I was close to my deadline and had yet to hear back from Brian. I was actually sitting at my desk in Door County  and looking out at the wintery woods when the email came in: “Hi Lynda,” Brian wrote, “Thanks for sending me Circle of Innocence.  It’s always a pleasure to find twisted mysteries in Door County!  🙂 Feel free to use the following blurb…”

“Every shocking twist in CIRCLE OF INNOCENCE lands on the reader like waves on a Door County beach, as Drews explores the dark heart of a beautiful place.” — Brian Freeman, Bestselling Author of THE BONE HOUSE

Let’s see if you agree!