Last Friday… up at 4a.m… Nostalgic drive from Green Bay to Milwaukee (didn’t I retire from IBM so I wouldn’t need to keep this schedule?) At least now I had a GPS that informed me where to make the proper U-turn on Capital Drive, to arrive at my destination- mbvideoplayerTODAY’S WTMJ-NBC AFFILIATE . I walked in the door for my first ever TV appearance about my book Run at Destruction on the Morning Blend. After the executive producer told me she’d been reading it and couldn’t put it down, I was ushered into the wings of the set where I watched Alison de Castro, surrounded by an on-stage garden of summer plants, do an interview with a woman from Stein’s Garden and Gifts. (All the while – I worried that my pollen allergies might kick-in!) During the commercial break, I took my seat on a couch facing the cameras. (With tissue now tucked under my leg- just in case.) Alison and a friendly substitute hostess  for Molly Fay put me immediately at ease before the live action began… 

For the next 60 days you can watch me discuss my book complete with my eye rolls!

Next on the agenda were stops at three B&N in the Milwaukee area to sign books, then I was off to West Bend to drop off some at Fireside Books & Gifts(doing a signing there on 9/19) and finally I arrived in my hometown of Waukesha.

My mom, Dana, who is still lively at eighty continues to reside there. She gave me a

1970 South Campus Grads - Merry, Anne, Sandy, Kathy, and me

1970 South Campus Grads - Merry, Anne, Sandy, Kathy, and me

 tour of the rejuvenated downtown that has certainly changed since my husband, Jim Drews, and I graduated from Waukesha South in 1970! With my Run at Destruction banner flapping in the breeze outside Martha Merrell’s Bookstore– I positioned myself at a table with cases of books and pen in hand, ready to sign for two consecutive nights during the Freeman Friday Night Live event and the Saturday Night Art Crawl. It was definitely a reunion of sorts as I met old friends of my parents, parents of my friends, fellow Waukesha inhabitants that liked a home-town girl (whomever she was), runners from Badgerland Striders, and of course my old high-school classmates. (I guess some of the latter did remember the former Lynda Esselstyn according to the Spring City Chronicle!)  In addition to this classmate – four other girlfriends I hadn’t seen for 10 years, showed up and I was able to capture the moment!  Sixty books later, with a backache, and sore right hand, I met the four in a new downtown drinking establishment…  sending me back to nostolgia again – just where I started.