B&N front windowI got an email last week. My book – Run at Destruction: A True Fatal Love Triangle had shipped early. Could I come into the Green Bay Barnes & Noble to sign copies. This was it! My book was now being sold in an actual brick and mortar store. 

I parked out front of the Oneida Street location, in close proximity to the Bay Park Square Mall. Approaching the entrance, I was drawn toward the front window display. There were my books! Unbelievable! 

Inside the store ,  in addition to this prime location, they were stacked on the information desk adjacent to the sign to pre-order Dan Brown’s new novel. What an honor. I next located some in the True Crime section – after all Ann Rule did endorse it saying it was “Wonderfully written. A must for true crime readers.” I also discovered books on one of the front tables and in the Wisconsin Local Section focused on history and sports. (My book revolves around a terrible tragedy that occured within Green Bay’s close-knit running community in the 80’s. A correspondent for Track & Field News endorsed it saying, “This is the 2009 runner’s read.”)  

I’m sure appreciative that Shirley VerBruggen, the B&N Community Relations Manager had given me such good placement!

One of the employees provided me a pen, and offerred to buy me a Starbucks

Author Lynda Drews

Author Lynda Drews

from their Cafe, while I proceeded to autograph each book that she carried from the various locations mentioned. As she did, we talked about the story and my lost friend, Pamela Bulik. Both of us blinked back tears. During her dinner break that night, she said she was starting my book.  

The two of us had sealed a connection.